Back-up Power Source

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Back-up Power Source Those of you in the industry may recall the recent black-out experienced in the West End, when a major power failure occurred due to underground cables catching fire on Kingsway - sending many West End theatres into darkness. Our system, which we developed for the Theatre Royal [...]

Theatre Royal, Controlled Canopy Lighting


Theatre Royal, Controlled Canopy Lighting This LED Single pixel controlled canopy lighting scheme, we believe, is possibly the first of its kind in the UK. Tech Ent Services and their supplier set about customising a product that could be integrated within [...]

Phantom of the Opera


Phantom of the Opera Tech Ent Services provided the theatre with an electrical custom built panel for the production audio system for The Phantom of the Opera, for both the front of house mix position and the amp world back stage. Due to the shows’ performance [...]

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