Project Description

One very simple lighting controller (above)

Wallington High School for Girls

The purpose of this project was to upgrade the ageing lighting system with a new LED alternative.

With the selection of Robe 100 wash light luminaries and other LED Par 64 type luminaries the infrastructure required updating to meet the demands of the new kit.

A design brief provided by the client, was to ensure the operation was as simple as possible, but also allowed students to program their own lighting scenes.

Therefore, two control systems were specified.

The first being a simple wall control keypad that allowed programmed scenes to be recalled, intensities raised or lowered and colours/positions to be changed. This allows teachers to basically set up a look for a parents evening presentation, or an assembly without any prior lighting knowledge. Simply press 2 or 3 buttons on the wall plate and you have lights on!

The 2nd means of control was via a Chamsy’s PC system, were the software is free to download and only requires a PC with a USB to DMX dongle to work.

The PC was provided by the school, a Chamsy’s mini wing was specified, as it has a single DMX output and the ability to record scenes onto for easy playback.

Tech Ent Services tested and converted the existing structured cabling system from an all 15A patch cord system to half being as permanent hard power outlets and the remainder available to be patchable outlets. This would allow additional lighting fixtures to be hung and patched into the system, as either hard or dimmed power as required for larger productions.

The hard power outlets were designated for the new LED fixtures purchased as part of this project, in turn these were fed via a custom built controller that would allow the circuits to be turned on and off via DMX.

In addition, the programming of the scene replay device allowed a command to be sent at midnight each evening to turn off the hard power therefore ensuring, if someone does forget to turn the system off, then it automatically happens and therefore prolongs the life of the LED luminaries.