Project Description

Theatre Royal, Lighting Upgrade

This timeless Theatre in East London has been at the forefront of producing theatrical masterpieces since 1884.

The theatre is well known for producing classic pieces such as “Oh what a lovely war” and the Musical “5 Guys Named Moe”.

Tech Ent Services were delighted to be selected and commissioned by the Theatre as one of their direct contractors to work on the refurbishment of their Auditorium project.

The theatre had been looking to continue their current programme of LED retro fitting around the building to inside the auditorium. However, they were unable to locate a suitable product that could be suitably dimmed to zero without the final “Click” off at last few percentages.

During discussions with the House, Tech Ent Services recommended the GDS Arc System has been successfully used throughout the country in many of the UKs most well-known theatres. A meeting was arranged and the product was approved by the theatre.

The structure of GDS’s business meant their product could only be purchased through one of their main dealers. Tech Ent Services, being an independent technical solutions provider, were able to provide an independent prospective and procurement process for the project. The procurement process meant we were able to offer the product supply out to tender. Additionally, our focus as being a project engineering business, meant that we were able to look across all available products on the market and offer a solution that was not affected by a commercial relationship with a single manufacturer, who many other contractors have sole relationships with.

Our business concentrates on offering impartial advice and fulfilling engineering functionality of the wider picture.

This in turn enabled the project to develop, thus allowing for resources to be applied to other parts of the scheme, such as:

  • Merging the control with the production lighting desk
  • The custom manufacture of the automatic change-over electrical supply panel
  • A control system that can be used as a lighting desk in its own right if required and suitable for use as a back up to the main house desk
  • Facilitating the automatic powering off, of the drivers overnight, when not in use
    Providing over-ride switches in case of component failure