Project Description

St Marks Church Bromley – Exterior Lighting

Tech Ent Services were commissioned to light the exterior of this prominent landmark in Bromley town centre.

Following discussion with interested parties, our bid was approved as we provided additional services that were felt to offer more substance to the project. This was established by looking at how the wider picture of the scheme would impact on others.

Tech Ent Services being an independent technical solutions provider considered, not only the lighting positions, but the effects these positions would have on parishioners who use the church. For example, when people leave the building during the evening, will the lights be shining into their eyes or not.

In order to light such a key focal landmark, compromises had to be made by selecting the best suitable position for the shot, the most aesthetic/discreet position in terms of luminaire placement and how lighting effected people who use the building. This was a balance and approvals were sought by various interested parties.

The above was assisted by Tech Ent Services offering to supply custom fabricated lighting columns that would not only lift the luminaire above peoples’ heads, but would encase the unit within the column itself, creating a clean and presentable finish that would blend into the environment.

Where luminaires were placed on the ground to light the North windows, mess covers where provided not only as security measures but additionally, with screens to remove light spill that would otherwise shine into peoples’ windows next door.

Our usual process of mock up trialling before agreement to purchase was undertaken, to seek approvals from interested parties before the final product was selected.

In selecting a luminaire, we search the available market with particular emphasis placed on selecting a premium brand from a British manufacturer. Pulsar offered both a wide selection of luminaries with various build to order options, as each shot required a slightly different lens set up to suit its location application. This was in preference to relying on a one size fits all pre-package box approach from the local wholesaler.

It was important for us to select a manufacturer with a strong reputation for excellent workmanship in build quality and flexibility that included the ability to simply swap out lenses, should a lighting position require changing at the last minute. Pulsars’ products enabled us to meet these demands. There are so many products on the market that are unable to cope with change once they are purchased, therefore being limited to the specific task it was selected for. Projects do evolve over the course of the works, especially when there are many other interested parties.