Project Description

St Marks Church Bromley – Sanctuary Lighting

Tech Ent Services were commissioned following the successful project carried out for the exterior lighting of this prominent landmark in Bromley town centre.

The Reverend discussed the requirement of a luminaire that is maintenance free and offers an exceptional lifespan. This is partly due to the ageing population of the voluntary members of the congregation, coupled with the health and safety risk of using ladders at 8 metres which is required to undertake the changing of light bulbs.

We searched the market and selected a product from Pulsar, a British manufacturer who offer a wide selection of luminaries with an increasing range of options. These can be customised more specifically to the application required, other than simply selecting a pre-packaged box from the local wholesaler.

It was important for us to select a manufacturer with a strong reputation for excellent workmanship in build quality and flexibility that included the ability to simply swap out lenses, should a lighting position require changing at the last minute. Pulsar products enabled us to meet these demands. This overcomes the problem of many products on the market that are unable to cope with change once they are purchased. Projects do evolve over the course of the works, especially when there are many other interested parties who offer a view for one reason or another. We find, “everyone” is a lighting designer who offers something different with added credit to the overall scheme.

Our usual process of mock up trialing before you buy was undertaken to seek approvals from interested parties before the final products were selected.

This was important due to selecting the correct colour temperature and the size of the beam angle required.

During the mock-up sessions colour temperatures of 2700k, 3000k, 3500k and 4000k were offered.

The 3000k temperature light source was selected for its warm and inviting feel, without making the white surfaces looking too yellow. Also the detail of the architecture looked crisp, without losing too much warmth.