Project Description

Remote Access Solutions

Key to our business is cost effective support.

Gone are the days of engineers making regular long distance trips, often involving overnight hotel stays resulting in the client paying for the attendance.

Our Visualisation studio offers us the opportunity to reduce our attendance trips for programming sessions and onsite support, keeping attendances to a minimum.

A working 3D visualisation drawing is produced of the finished scheme and replicates the finished installation.

Remote desktop applications are used for the purpose allowing us to access the Show PC onsite. This can be done by either a direct internet connection or via a 3G mobile dongle.

We are keen for client involvement in this area, as cost saving measures can be achieved.

Additionally, we have success in partnering with the client’s IT department by way of them providing a basic PC for control of our application to run on and external internet connection. We have examples of where this is a cost effective measure to control our sites.