Project Description

Bow Alley – Light Tube Multi Pixel Installation

This project involved us relighting of existing Art Installation with single LED pixel tubes.

This timeless East End London Alley in Bow, now a feature and notable point of interest on the London cab knowledge route was an upgrade from a previous installation unitizing non-energy efficient tubes.

The Artistic License Multichrome product was specified.

Each 1000mm tube has 32 individual controllable RGB pixels with the 500mm ones having 16 pixels, therefore creating a total of 800 single pixels over 6 universes of DMX. These are directly connected to Artistic’s Multichrome E2 pixel controller, therefore being a direct Artnet, making it an easier wiring choice, rather than a mish mash of additional DMX convertors and PSUs.

The PC controller package has been set up so an easy override function is available for special events that are held within the space, such as a Gallery open evening of Artists work on display. The light tubes can be set to correspond to reflect the Artist. This override function is available either via an iPhone/android app or via an internet web access page.

As a cost saving the PC was supplied by the client and is remotely connected to our visualisation programming studio in our office.

The package also has a superb pixel mapping section that is ideally suited to mapping single head LED fixtures.

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