Project Description

Back-up Power Source

Those of you in the industry may recall the recent black-out experienced in the West End, when a major power failure occurred due to underground cables catching fire on Kingsway – sending many West End theatres into darkness.

Our system, which we developed for the Theatre Royal Stratford East, overcomes the knock on effect of these possible power outages.

Our custom panel takes in two electrical supplies, one being the Primary and the other being fed from the secondary battery back-up system, as found in most theatres.

The internal components within the panel sense for the presence of the primary supply, upon sensing a loss of primary supply, there is an automatic change-over to the secondary incoming supply.

Therefore, upon an Auditorium evacuation, it is possible to use the normal house lights, without being dependent on the few standard statutory secondary lights imposed by the local authority, normally only indicating exit doors.

Although secondary lighting does exist at exit points within auditoriums, the lighting level on complete black out is very low in relation to the normal auditorium lighting.

Additionally, in case of component failure within the panel, over-ride switches are present to by-pass various components, thus providing direct mains to outlets in the most simplistic way.